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This one should have had *studying, not *visit highlighted as the prompt word. oops! I'll correct it in my list of the vsses.

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Reizei shuffled his feet. “I’m not yet an *expert in transporting you unseen. And I don’t wish to *strain your capacity.”

I shook my head. “I am kodama, tree spirt and echo. Where you go, my kind will repeat what they see and hear.”

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“You collect yokai tales. I was one who asked you to collect our local stories. Might I suggest studying the *haunted houses popping up?” Reizei said.

“The rumor of the mountain with eyes also intrigues me. Which should we *visit first?”

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“You're privy to a secret only a few have known over the centuries. I am far from *ancient in the *eyes of my kind, but have outlived each of my human caretakers. I am glad to have you, a fellow yokai, as the one to provide my needs, now.” LiminalChronicles

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My August HISTORY themed tale should fit right in with the season of spooky stories in Japan - "The Mountain with Eyes"

My social media is taking a slow down this week. July was a fun but crazy month. Back next week for regular posts beyond vsses

Nakamura, so salty and stubborn, is one of my favorite characters to write. Haruki, my bakeneko friends, and I had *solved the mystery. But we had work to do. Even after we shut down MagiSecurity, we weren’t safe. Something else was out there. I was determined to bring it down.

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The *enigma wasn’t that ex-mobsters were victims, but how the company had kept this hidden. My bakeneko companion clued me in. He pointed, unable to *tear his eyes off the security cameras. MagiSecurity had spies all over town via recordings.

Show thread One of the *troupe, in human disguise, accompanied me inside. I looked at many aspects. A change of employees every few months was glaring. Those former ones were on the police record’s missing persons list. Haruki’s *logic was spot on.

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Returning to Tech Magi to finish the audit at MagiSecurity took *gall. Even my boss seemed hesitant to pursue. The *fall out from this could be costly. I ensured I had backup. Fellow bakeneko waited in the shadows.

Show thread Tell me this isn’t what’s left of Haruki! My heart was in my throat as I unwrapped it. Inside was a similar ring and a note that said, ‘Underground for own *welfare. Got too close. *Isolate list of victims by disappearance from payroll.’

Show thread I slapped my forehead. The 'Taking care of it' *story line meant he did something stupid like go after the kitsune alone. Now, I’d have to *rescue a yakuza. Che.

When I returned home, I found a carelessly tied bundle on my doorstep.

Show thread “What was his name?” I held out my handkerchief.

He took it to bind the wound. “Taka. Thank you for asking. I’ll get this taken care of.”

He didn’t show up the next day for an assignment. The hospital had no record of anyone with his description.

Show thread The blood welling from his hand only *magnified his pain. Perhaps I should have spared him the truth. “Haruki-san, you need to see a doctor for those cuts.”

He muttered as stood, “No one cares what happened to my son.”

Only a few would.

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“You haven’t put it on, have you?”

Haruki-san leaned in. “No.”

“Good. This ring may *lead us to dark enough places. My *assumption is a binding. A specific one. To an oni.”

The yakuza’s eyes scrunched shut, his hand crushed his sake cup.

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I kept his sake cup filled as he vented his grief. His motive now? *Revenge. “This happened before we met, didn’t it?”

A *vein protruded from his forehead as he nodded and tossed the ring to me. “Will this help? Is it cursed?”

Show thread We met at the bar again that evening. The *navy noren waved in the blessed breeze that kept the temperature from melting us.

Haruki-san, the yakuza, was positively *apoplectic. Someone had dropped his son’s belongings on his doorstep.

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