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Good morning everyone. We have a more colourful start this morning. Colours that make me smile. I wish you a lot of reasons to smile today 😊🤗🌞🌈

Good morning everyone. It's a day to keep the sun in heart ... though, there's bit of hope in the sky.
My both are sleeping in the same bed together for the first time. And it's the small one 😁

Slightly different view, so that you can see something at all 😉
Rainy and foggy again but a day off. It's Bank Holiday Monday. But I still had to make breakfast for my guests. A B&B has advantages and disadvantages 😬😊

Was a sunny day and we made our first trip with Cara to the Travaud beach. She wasn't afraid of anything. Brave little girl 😁

A puppy needs time. Was able to take zhe picture but not able to send it immediately.
Nevertheless, I wish everyone a good morning and a great Sunday. 🤗

Good morning weekend. Nothing to see outside 🌧 Waiting for the 🌈 and some ⛅️🌤
So that you can see something at all, a bit of the after breakfast atmosphere 😊

Meine Kinder, Verwandten, Freunde und nicht zuletzt mein Mann werden mich für komplett verrückt halten. Ich habe mir noch einen Welpen als Spielkamerad für Ayla dazu geholt. Ständig jault sie, wenn der Nachbarshund draußen ist. Dort kann sie aber nicht jeden Tag hin, darum habe ich jetzt für Ablenkung gesorgt 😁

May I introduce you to Cara, our new family member. She's 10 weeks old and I've got her yesterday 😊 She is 2/3 Bichon frise.

A late and rainy good morning everyone. Summer is hiding itself on Beara. Stay in good mood and keep the sun in your heart. Would be perfect to give the sun in your heart also to other people. 😉🍀🌧🌈🌞

Where I am sitting the sun us still shining. The sky is so dark in the distance and the clouds are dark blue and gray at he same time. It's closer than in the picture and it's an amazing view.

Cloudy with sunny spells. Good morning to you all and I hope you will have a good Tuesday 🤗

Buffaloes! When they came running down I just hoped this thin electric fence would stop them. 😳

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