Good morning everyone. Very cloudy and very windy start in the day. I'm afraid my gladiola won't survive. Flowers can have a very short life on Irelands coast. 😏
The sky is changing very fast today 😊

We had to go to Castletownbere for Cara's vaccination. So, we walked a little bit on the Beara way above Castletown. You can see the harbour and the lighthouse on Bere Island.

Good morning everyone. The clouds are back. Now it feels "Irish" again 😉😁

Good morning everyone. 🌞🤗 Still a "Yellow Heat Warning" in Ireland. 30 degrees are really unusual for Ireland. And I'm happy that the night temperatures are only 15 to 17 degrees.

RTE News:
'Yesterday marked the highest August temperature in Ireland since 2003, and 9.3C above its 1981-2010 long-term average.'

No clouds to make the view more exciting 😉 (it's nearly the same like yesterday)
I say good morning everyone on this wonderful summer's day in Ireland.

Good morning everyone. Another sunny summer day has started. Enjoy your day wherever you are ore whatever your weather is like 🌞🌈🤗

Good morning everyone. Weekend is coming soon 🌞
Ok, not really for me. Guests are going and coming. A lot of cleaning and washing. Like many other people I have to work. Stay healthy and in a good mood 🤗

Good morning everyone. We have a more colourful start this morning. Colours that make me smile. I wish you a lot of reasons to smile today 😊🤗🌞🌈

Slightly different view, so that you can see something at all 😉
Rainy and foggy again but a day off. It's Bank Holiday Monday. But I still had to make breakfast for my guests. A B&B has advantages and disadvantages 😬😊

A puppy needs time. Was able to take zhe picture but not able to send it immediately.
Nevertheless, I wish everyone a good morning and a great Sunday. 🤗

Good morning weekend. Nothing to see outside 🌧 Waiting for the 🌈 and some ⛅️🌤
So that you can see something at all, a bit of the after breakfast atmosphere 😊

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