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A late and rainy good morning everyone. Summer is hiding itself on Beara. Stay in good mood and keep the sun in your heart. Would be perfect to give the sun in your heart also to other people. 😉🍀🌧🌈🌞

Cloudy with sunny spells. Good morning to you all and I hope you will have a good Tuesday 🤗

Good morning Sunday. Ok, cloudy again. Wish you all a happy and relaxing day 🌦🌈🍀🌞

Good morning everyone. We start with a rainy morning. Good for the plants and my water buds. They were empty already. Wish you all a wonderful weekend 🌧🌦🌥⛅️🌤🌞😉🤗

Good morning everyone. Weather forecasts are a big joke. Ýesterday at 10pm there was 6 hours sunshine in the forecast. Today they tell me about clouds and a lot of rain for today.
Have they confused sun and moon? 🙄
Ok, keep the sun in your heart, look out of the window and take it as it comes, the plants need water very urgent. Happy Friday 🌧🌦⛅️🌤🌞🌤⛅️🌦🌧🤗

Cloudy, but blue eyes are looking at me 🌥😊
Good morning everyone. Have a good day without any harm.

Another cloudy day. Solar panel batteries are down to 24% 😥 If we'll get no sunny spells again, I have to switch back to the grid and oil for hot water. Nevertheless, these dark blue clouds are amazing 😁

Good morning everyone. Find a bit of time for your personal happiness, like this wonderful short moment.

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