@Hiroshimalily thank you very much for your lovely words. I'm happy that you love this place and my pictures. I really appreciate your comment. Thank you! 🤩

Good morning everyone. Weekend is coming soon 🌞
Ok, not really for me. Guests are going and coming. A lot of cleaning and washing. Like many other people I have to work. Stay healthy and in a good mood 🤗

Good morning everyone. We have a more colourful start this morning. Colours that make me smile. I wish you a lot of reasons to smile today 😊🤗🌞🌈

@LadyAnke ist zwar noch die Ausnahme, aber ich fand es echt toll 😁

Good morning everyone. It's a day to keep the sun in heart ... though, there's bit of hope in the sky.
My both are sleeping in the same bed together for the first time. And it's the small one 😁

Slightly different view, so that you can see something at all 😉
Rainy and foggy again but a day off. It's Bank Holiday Monday. But I still had to make breakfast for my guests. A B&B has advantages and disadvantages 😬😊

Was a sunny day and we made our first trip with Cara to the Travaud beach. She wasn't afraid of anything. Brave little girl 😁

@feditips what a nonsense and awkward behavior from the complainer. He should be blocked. You always do a really helpful and friendly job. Stay with it this way please!

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