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Can't catch with my mobile that I catch with my eyes. On the whole mountains you can see sheep everywhere. The wilder ones live in this hills and climb up very high and in very rough areas. They are more like goats.

Good morning everyone. Wish you all a lovely Sunday. I have a cleaning Sunday. Five guests are leaving and 2 are arriving today. Will have my walk in the evening. See you later 🤗

Very short moments, but still fascinating
Wish you all a wonderful weekend 🌞

Deep clouds this morning. I hope for some rain, the fields are very dry and after they made hey yesterday the fields look yellow.

The fishing boats are always early. Good morning dear followers and Mastodonians ⛅

This calmed me down immediately. All cows were lying, really all of them and all were chewing in a very slow mode. The sunshine and the bay with the green hills and the mountains in the background. I stood there for a while 🌞😊.

I live the pattern that the clouds make.
This day was nearly clear - Kerrys mountains were all visible.

Looks like a promise for a nice day 😎
Always think positive 😊 In this sence I wish you a beautiful day 🌞

Forgotten my mobil, so here comes a picture from April. A walk opposite of Bere Island.

Good morning again. The weather from Coulagh Bay: cloudy with sunny spells ⛅🌞😁

Every creature enjoys some sunny spells 😎
the sheeps in the front and the anglers on the pier and me catching them on my walk 😉

A hedge on my way where I considered is it a fight to gain supremacy or is it a peaceful comradeship. Such a lot of different plants in this small area.

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