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Clouds with different colours separated with a ruler 😊
10 minutes later the first sunny spells again

When the days are grey and rainy, it's good to have some sunny pictures. Wish you all a good night 🤗

Weather forecasts 🙈
Rain yes, no storm. Better to look out of the window. Looks like more rain is coming. So, we enjoy the dry moments and I'm happy not to have to water my plants 😉

Was a lot of rain last night and we have a yellow wind warning with heavy rain falls from noon today to noon tomorrow. Brought some of my plants to a safer place. At the moment we have only some soft rain. Ireland and the Atlantic coast. 🌧️⛅🌞⛅🌧️😊

I love this tiny wild flower. Its blossom is thumb high but its sooo beautiful.

This view gets never boring. The sky is changing every minute sometimes. The different lights are spectacular.

Good Morning everyone. Have a nice day, try to relax and explore your small moments of joy (or the bigger one's 😀)

Such a beautiful day. Sitting on the stone below the cross and just relaxing. The sound of the sea, the wind and the birds ( and Ayla's try to eat the bone ☺️)

She's just found the rest of a fox meal. Was a lamb, I'm afraid 🥺

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