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Foggy and rainy start in the day. Keep the sun in your soul and enjoy your day 🌧🌦⛅️🌤🌈🌞

An evening picture for a change and the goat of our neighbour. One day she went down from the hills with his sheep. And she stayed.

@pixelfed Since yesterday I've tried to upload a mp4 file several times and always got a failure message after 100% upload. It's only 45 second long. What's going wrong?

Looks like a wonderful day. Hm, for me it's a cleaning day again. 🙄 Change of guests. Nevertheless, I wish you all a lovely Thursday. 🌞🤗

For wave lovers. Not very high today but very relaxing to watch 😉

@apps I tried to login with my account but got only a white page. Officially the fedilab app is also for pixelfed, so what do I have to do? Could you help? I'm not really happy with PixelDroid.

On the coast the weather is changing faster than the forecast 😂

Cloudy start in the day. Forecast promises 7 hours sun in the afternoon. Would be just in time for my doggy walk 😁🐕🌞

Good morning to another cloudy day with sunny spells or sunny hours 😉⛅🌞

Abondoned houses are a sad thing and a waste but I love the wilderness of the gardens

Due to the nearly 7 thousand pictures of Ireland in my folder, I decided to join .social
So, sometimes I'm going to upload some older pictures onto that account.
For whom it is of interest you will find more of my pictures @Anja
Put it in your search bar and then see you (also) there 🤗

Good morning everyone. Have a safe commute and a wonderful day wherever you are 🤗🍀🌞

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