@Gargron WAOOOO Friend. I found the PROBLEM. As I have a lot of onw material in own music and covers created. I made an XCEL doc to file all these links. So, when I copy the links from XCEL no matter if they are perfect, MASTODON do not undertand them. BUT when I do the LINK direct from the VIDEO or the AUDIO LINK it comes OK.

Well, at the end you could not help me, but your energy inspired me hehehehe

Thanks Brother !!!

@Gargron Today, just now, I could post YouTube Videos perfect. But this is not always. Manydays I am hand tied with the end I show to you. Is bad, as now I have to post lots of my videos the day and hour they come right. This did not happened months ago. My Browser is Firefox. Who is the owner or administrator of Mastodon if you know please. Thanks !

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