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"Yesterday (2021-03-28) two malicious commits were pushed to the php-src repo"

In related news, PHP switches to hosting their repositories on GitHub.

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If you are a web UI designer that codes and are available to do some freelance work, please ping me.


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BTW because of this little project, I got a pretty good exposure to reflect package now. Honestly I was always scared of using it because a lot of methods default to panic and do not return errors but I learned that panics can be avoided easily by just reading the documentation.

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I just had this realisation that no religious text (that i know of) is written by a woman 🤔

Implementation in : Figured out a way to implement custom Unmarshaler for dynamic values with user-given datatypes. I'm kinda proud of it 😅.

I implemented the decoding for primitive datatypes, just need to implement structs and arrays now.

For decoding , I want to expose functionality for caller to specify a list of parameter types to parse the values into. But I don't know how to implement it by implementing the Unmarshaller interface alone.

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Baserow, an open-source, self-hostable alternative to Airtable.

Cool! Check it out at:

There are some reflection based XMLRPC implementations for Go but none seems to be updated. But I found a library for messing with dynamic XML. I might implement a simple XMLRPC codec package.

Its kinda sad watching this but I really appreciate them coming out really honest about it.

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@aral did you see already? This sounds like it might be interesting for you. Git without centralised platform, but with all the usual workflows we kinda got used to on Github/gitlab/gitea... if what they claim is true.

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