If anyone feels like translating my guide to another language. We have setup a translation system using Transifex. This requires basic GitHub knowledge (and a fork of the project) and a Transifex account. I'm interested in translators and reviewers. Contact me if you're interested. Currently there is one translation going into Russian which could probably use some help.

@anonypla is thgtoa considered an open source project? I mean, by transifex's standards. I realized that they do software as a service and it's a paid one, which is why I'm asking.

I deleted previous post because I actually might have not had enough info about this project.

@lis Yes, it is a fully open-source non-profit project licensed under Only some donations are accepted to run the domain name / VPS hosting / mail hosting. Transifex allows some free usage for such projects.

@anonypla thank you. I will look into this. If everything goes smoothly, i will ask if others want to get involved.

@lis FYI I double-checked with Transifex support and they confirmed this project is fine with their open-source tier. All good!

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