Realization: the main utility of blockchain tech is that it presents an irrefutable argument for a wealth tax. If there’s enough bored money rattling around out there to fund obviously negative-sum nonsense like this, we can as a society choose to spend that money on public education, health care and clean running water instead.

Finally! Rulers that measure very important units like "how much does a beard grow each month". #malkränzchen

As we celebrate the death of the queen it is important to remember that she could have put a stop to it at any time. She could have just quit. Ended the monarchy. She could have fed the poor, all of the poor, in all the nations she claimed.

I wish more lefties would internalize that hypocrisy is not a meaningful accusation to the right. Of course they're being hypocrites. That you are bound - by rules, standards, logic, human decency, some sort of fundamental moral consistency, anything at all - and they are not? That's their conception of what power is, and why they seek it. So they can exercise power, without constraint, and you cannot. That's the whole point.

Hypocrisy is the virtue-signaling of fascism.

Why cars are bad (one piece at a time):

- Rubber on asphalt -> very bad coefficient of rolling resistance
- High-speed three-degree-of-freedom vehicles piloted manually (or mostly-manually) by lightly-trained, poorly-regulated civilians -> poor safety assurances
- Non-electric vehicles with small engines -> redundant energy infrastructure, lower energy conversion efficiency than centralized power plants
- Low per-vehicle passenger counts -> more space consumption, poor amortization of fixed per-vehicle time costs, bad position on passenger boarding/alighting time growth curve
- No central traffic control -> congestion

When a person discussing a system design (a food web, a social medium, a government, etc) is focused on preventing "freeloaders" or "parasites" instead of maximal benefit for minimal effort it's time to step back and reframe.

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I've been thinking about The Internet and The Economy over the last 50 years and I keep coming up against this idea that makes me want to scream.

Our entire economic system is built around this idea that a small, sustainable, profitable business is worthless, and that only a MASSIVE INTERDEPENDENT BEHEMOTH that grows larger with each passing quarter is acceptable.

Netflix can't ever lose any customers, ever, because they are operating at a scale where their debts are ridiculously high, and the only thing keeping them afloat is the fact that they show Growth quarter over quarter over quarter.

are you in/near Portland and do you like electronics and open hardware? then visit Hardware Happy Hour (3H) hosted by Helen Leigh on Tuesday, March 22nd at 6PM PDT! it's gonna be awesome and there might be MNT Reforms:

still of the opinion that VC is a deal with the devil pretty much universally. You'll either get screwed over or become evil enough to do it to others.


VC is not the only way to fund your co.
VC is not the only way to fund your co.
VC is not the only way to fund your co.
VC is not the only way to fund your co.

You also don’t have to be VC backed to build a highly profitable company. Just ask Sara Blakely.😑


its just stunning to me that people defend copyright. yeah artists need to eat, i know, i am one. but what consumes me is less the idea of how i can make money in perpetuity on my projects and more considering what if you didnt have to work 40 hours a week to make some dumbass rich and you could just do other shit without having to make your artistic pursuits an all-consuming drive that you need to pay your bills for eternity. wouldnt that be crazy

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A lot of what I think about cryptocurrencies is well-expressed here, and imma tell you it's been a rough few days.

Software that has prompts with “Yes” and “Not now” options shows an awful disregard for consent. I immediately know I have no choice and the prompt is just to wear me down and blame it on me for “agreeing”.

idk who needs to hear this but don’t beat yourself up over every aborted personal project you’ll never pick up again because you don’t have the energy

you did something (initially) fun, you’ve learned a thing or two, the experience is valuable, and you’ve gained another topic for conversations. you’ve put your time to good use.

"How about this: Why don’t we stop treating it as entirely normal that the more obviously one’s work benefits others, the less one is likely to be paid for it; or insisting that financial markets are the best way to direct long-term investment even as they are propelling us to destroy most life on Earth?"

- #DavidGraeber, 2020

#labour #finance

Reminder that it's okay to be a generalist; knowing how to do a bunch of different things in different areas because those things interest you is a delightful way to interact with the world. don't feel like you have to apologize for having a thirst that can be quenched at multiple wells

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