Great news: our #adblocker was added to the @humanetech list!🎉🎉

That's really motivating and encouraging, as well as our growing #community!

@tblock @humanetech Appart from convenience what's the motivation behind blocking ads? Anything doing any kind of tracking should of course be blocked. But just plain ads? What revenue model is the alternative (under capitalism)?

@duncan_lithgow @tblock

On the first other motivations are e.g. more performance / speedier web and energy saved. Also your time.

The revenue is an eternal discussion. It's likely that without ads more services are paid, either as one-off or subscription.

That's nice if you have the money, less of if you are not that privileged. There are revenue models that take this into account e.g. "Pay what you want" and maybe with a minimum of $1 or something.

There's a range of other options to pick.

@duncan_lithgow @tblock

Though I dislike ads in general, there's also so-called Ethical Ads. The ones that don't track you. Like what @Mojeek is implementing in their search engine, that are based on your search query. Or I think it was Gitbook, based on what you are documenting.

@humanetech @duncan_lithgow @Mojeek @tio Yes indeed, and we don't say our users "should" block ads. We believe that users are free to choose what to block. If they don't want to be bothered at all, then they can block everything. They can also add exception for "ethical ads".
However, what we oppose to is targeted advertising and surveillance-capitalism. We don't believe ads are evil. But we think tracking is. Ads should never compromise the privacy of people. That's what we fight against.


@tblock @humanetech @duncan_lithgow @Mojeek @tio I also find marketing in general to be of concern. I notice that I still recall marketing jingles I heard when I was 6 years old and worry about what other stuff might be living rent-free in my subconscious, influencing me in ways I cannot detect. I would prefer a world with less everyday exposure to marketing, regardless of surveillance.

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