Great news: our #adblocker was added to the @humanetech list!🎉🎉

That's really motivating and encouraging, as well as our growing #community!

@tblock @humanetech Appart from convenience what's the motivation behind blocking ads? Anything doing any kind of tracking should of course be blocked. But just plain ads? What revenue model is the alternative (under capitalism)?

@humanetech @duncan_lithgow @tblock Ads means: buy this! And we live in a society where everything is going downhill. Just ask the UN. Biodiversity is lost at tremendous rates, people are exploited in masses, inequality is rising, waste is increasing by a lot, degradation of nature overall is increasing, climate change, and so on. And yet, ads are telling us we should keep on consuming endlessly. In 2019 humans spent double the amount of money on ads than they spent on renewable energies.

So I would argue the "tracking" is not the biggest issue with ads at all. It is the "ads" themselves, that are a result of our trade based society. A society that all it values is trading, this for that.

And yeah, on top of this all, ads encourage those who make them to hype anything, lie, deceive....

So, a lot of issues with a(i)ds.

@tio @duncan_lithgow @tblock

I agree with what you say. Though I'd like nuance (at least how I look at it) that we have the Ads model we so abhor. And then we have the innocuous verb 'to advertise', meaning: showing what you have.

The latter we can't do without. If you hadn't 'advertised' #TROM I wouldn't know about it.

If behind a door is a bakery but no indication it is there, then no one will get to their bread.

So I think not all advertising is bad. But the word itself we see as 'evil'.


@humanetech @tio @duncan_lithgow @tblock In another subthread I was bemoaning how marketing is designed to infect our subconscious minds with information going against our best interest, and I think that is what you mean by one of your uses of "advertising" here, and so I would propose the word "marketing" to describe the goal of subconsciously influencing future behavior, as opposed to just informing.

@apparentlymart @tio @duncan_lithgow @tblock

"Marketing" has gotten a real negative connotation because of the many malpractices we've come to associate with it. There are other words too, we've come to see as 'dirty' or 'evil', such as PR.

But marketing is a broad field. If you'd say "Writing is propaganda", that's also a non-match. Squeezing something broad into something narrow. Same with marketing. If I reach out to fine folks for my FOSS projects, then I do marketing and PR.

@humanetech @tio @duncan_lithgow @tblock agreed that the field of marketing includes other activities that aren't manipulative, such as performing research to learn what "the market" wants to buy. Fitting a product to market is a good and necessary activity; making the market fit around the product by manipulating people into behaving as the seller would like is the part I'm concerned by.

@humanetech @duncan_lithgow @tblock @apparentlymart

Marketing refers to activities a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling of a product or service. Marketing includes advertising, selling, and delivering products to consumers or other businesses. Some marketing is done by affiliates on behalf of a company.…

I cannot see how marketing is a good thing overall. This is not a general term like "writing". It is specific to trading.
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