I should be streaming this Saturday, but then I'll be taking a break for most of July to concentrate on some offline stuff, but I promise I'll be back!

I don't have full body tracking yet and only very basic face tracking, but I'm in love with this virtual room.

I think I'm going to take my handpan outside and play it. I need to clear my head. I'm so glad I bought this instrument. It's so calming. @ravvast@twitter.com

Just to clarify, this is all done through my dinosaur C910 webcam!

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Beta Testers! 0.1.10 will be dropping soon.
Alpha testers are having their way with it as we speak
It mainly contains some bug fixes but it also has

Twitch Ad Event

Read more: wiki.streamer.bot/en/Changelog

If you want to help beta test, grab your roles here:

🐦🔗: twitter.com/streamerdotbot/sta

We will be starting a stream today. Probably in the next hour or two. A lot depends on how much I have to do beforehand. Lurkers welcome but there's plenty to do if you want to participate! See you there!

"Adobe’s goal is to use the web version of Photoshop to make the app more accessible and potentially hook users who’ll want to pay for the full version down the road."

There we go.

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This is huge!

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This might be what I start recommending to people before they jump to Affinity Photo.

Not sure what kind of features it will have, but it will for sure be useful for creators making thumbnails and social posts.

Solid move from Adobe, nice to see. twitter.com/verge/status/15366

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for & Streamers:

To enter: RT & follow @voicemod@twitter.com & @streamerdotbot@twitter.com

3x the chance to win by reacting to the post in here: discord.com/channels/834650675

Winners will be selected on SB's 2nd , the 16th

VM+SB How To: youtube.com/watch?v=njjppGbv7Z

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Get yourself a Streamdeck XL;

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