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The un-cropped version of the hippos, from the pictures of @JonathanMBR . I had to exclude part of the family to keep the drawing simple; I feel a little guilty for that.
This, and other recent drawings went to be used in activities by a few students in the Basque Country.

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The vignette of the branches was mostly automatic drawing.
Since I had been watching Kingdom this week, it had to feature in there.
Sumi Ink on paper with dip pens.

Wall art/print shop:
Printed Clothes/accessories:

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I have a suspicion, my brain has turned to rock!
Perhaps not as typical of me, but I ended up applying an ink wash to add complexity to the structure.

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SCREEN PRINT 13 – The blast I

La déflagration II (The blast II) is the thirteenth screen print from OBJET DU DÉSIR N°1, a limited deluxe edition of selected drawings by Apollonia Saintclair.

Presented in an exquisite collector box, it features 14 museum quality 340×450 mm (13.4″x17.7″) signed and numbered prints


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may contain flashing lights and/or colors (also check for content warnings regarding the source material) 

Source: Ghost in the Shell (2017)
Timestamp: 0:13:41
Mode: Audio
Codec: mp3
Audio channels: 3
Pixel format: yuyv422 -> bgr444le
Noise amount: random
Packet loss: 0
Size Skew: 0, 0

Bit the bullet and did a quick unplanned video. 🙄
It makes a good demonstration of how random and unsightly the start of an Automatic Drawing can be; or any art work really.

Also, couldn't decide on a instance to upload to. Would have preferred that. But, most seem to have individual owners, making their future uncertain.

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New Split Check pages are up! Your eyes do not deceive you- I posted the wrong banner for Slipshine last week! Whoops. Take this gratuitous dick closeup instead.

Read the most recent pages over at or get started on Patreon ( ).

( #nsfw #mastoart #art #webcomics )

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"Ties" by Dina Velikovskaya & others
Seen on: Filmbuilder and Friends
Video description:
There is a strong connection between parents and their child. A young woman leaves the parental home to see the world. But the world of her parents is so tightly connected with her that by leaving, she puts it at risk. It turns out that this connection can be also destructive.

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While the politicians of this world are discussing the climate crisis and repeatedly postponing concrete action, the lives of people and animals in northern Kenya are under acute threat. The region experienced extreme drought for two years in a row – with devastating consequences. Water points have dried up, the ground is just dust: giraffes and other wild animals are dying of thirst. Human livestock is also affected.

In September and November 2021 alone, more than 79 reticulated giraffes were found dead - dying of thirst - in the Bor'ana Community Conservation Area . The people who live here are mostly cattle breeders. They are also suffering enormously and have now lost more than 60 percent of their animals due to the ongoing drought .

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„The monsters of the city“
A collage I created last year. It‘s a digital collage from a pic i took in my hometown Frankfurt (GER).

#art #collage #monster #city #frankfurt #kunst

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📌 Julian #Assange ~ The Price of Truth (banned documentary)

‘This was a highly professional #documentary put together by the #German #broadcasting documentary channel. It ran for several days and collected 450k views before Youtube took it down. It was also recently removed from a premium Vimeo account as well.’

#julianassange #assange #thepriceoftruth #wikileaks #journalism #whistleblowers #freespeech #political

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Et a l'époque, je faisais des affiches de concerts qui donnaient envie et pas du tout clickbait :D

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Bonne soirée et belle nuit, Mastonautes.
Il est tard, je rejoins le pays des songes.
(J'adore Hans Bellmer)

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