Is it amusing or sad that it took so many years for me to notice this peculiar, and quite possibly intentional thing about #braille? I only started figuring it out yesterday, rolling the new braille d20 around in my hands.
So, on this d20, numbers from 1 to 10 are represented with letters from a through j, and numbers from 11 to 20 with k through t.
K is an a but with the dot #3 on top. L is b but with dot #3. M is c but with dot #3. N-d, o-e, p-f, q-g, r-h, s-i, t-j.
The pattern is constant. The second 10 letters in the English braille alphabet are the same as the first 10, but with the dot #3 added on top. All of them!

@Mayana This makes me so curious! Although, it's like every other language that I probably won't be able to learn.

@arefgee Well, it's not a language, just a different writing system. Same words, but different letters. I don't know if that makes it easier, or harder.


@Mayana Yeah, I understand. That's what I meant. Since it's laid out differently, it feels new.
I'm struggling right now to learn to read and write a language I have always spoken; and the alphabet feels completely new to me.

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@arefgee Well, it's actually very simple. Here, let me help:
A has 1 dot.
B has 2 dots.
C also has 2 dots.
D has 3.
E has 2.
Do you get it yet? 😇
But less jokingly, I can definitely understand how this would be hard to someone learning it when older. Especially since I assume you are learning it from pictures you see on the internet, not actually having it there in front of you -- while a lot of sighted people learn to read it that way, braille is not actually meant to be read by looking at it. 🙂

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