new tattoo, seminudity, :boosts_ok_gay: 

when I started passing as cis, I experienced social acceptance for my gender expression for the first time. "_now_ you can wear makeup". as long as I stay stealth, as long as they don't know I'm trans. (Julia Serano's term for "passing" is "conditional cis privilege").

so I started wearing trans pride symbols 24/7, but it quickly become clear that most cis folk don't know these yet. the only thing that would be clear enough would be the word "transgender" spelled out, tattooed in some very visible place. but I couldn't quite make up my mind about where. till I saw @dancebriadance's awesome collection of hand-poked tats, and looking at their hand, it dawned on me...


new tattoo, seminudity, :boosts_ok_gay: 

These look good! And you... *v*
Don't worry about the clueless people; they won't get it if one gave them a workshop.

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