Finally managed to draw some things, after quite a few days of no work. I won't call it an art-block, since none of this is really art. A lot of other things, make drawing seem pointless and exhausting. That's mostly why most of my uploaded drawings have been 'automatic'. Making the effort to work on a project, seeing no way of turning it into work, would probably make me quit.
Anyway, long toot short, here are a couple of pages, I didn't discard in the last few days.

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Should I post these at periodic intervals, like 'real' professionals do? I can never decide.
Once I make something that's not to be discarded (for whatever reason); the longer it's just laying around, the more restless it makes me. I need to be done with the process of putting it up and then burying it in a drawer.

Some thickness to start the week. ('Thiccness'? Not based on anyone).

The link between this and my previous 'cry-cry' toots? I wasn't feeling up to pick up the pen and start, so tried doodling with a brush, and the last of the liquid ink I have left. Eventually the shapes suggested a human form, and I went with it.

I think they are aesthetic, not automatic :) especially the second one. to me it looks like an organic alien building. & those "balloons" in the bottom right corner, they may be eyes watching - letting no one pass without being seen.

and regarding the project that doesn't turn into work - tbh, I see this as a good thing. if it isn't work (in the means of earning money), you aren't depended on it. thereby it gives you the freedom to simply enjoy the process of creation.

(but ofc, this is just one few of many and you don't have to agree 😅)

@Kathaja That is true. There isn't much fear involved in the process of drawing, when it's not for money. That helps, at least build familiarity with our tools and methods of choice.
Yeah, the balloons do make it a little eerie because it's deserted. Hadn't thought of it! Have you noticed the flags under them? 😅

yes, I did! I was wondering about them already 😄 there are also little signs on them. what do they mean? actually you've made me curious - is there a bigger story behind the drawing?

@Kathaja I had hoped you would have made out, and I won't have to explain. :-p

They are simplified one-line doodles for the internal clit and cock. I sometimes hide them in drawings.
Although, the original idea was that for a repeating border motif, for related illustrations.

now that I know, I can't unsee XD
it's like an easter egg - art version. I like it! and I'm using a symbol too, so it's very relatable.

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