Finally managed to draw some things, after quite a few days of no work. I won't call it an art-block, since none of this is really art. A lot of other things, make drawing seem pointless and exhausting. That's mostly why most of my uploaded drawings have been 'automatic'. Making the effort to work on a project, seeing no way of turning it into work, would probably make me quit.
Anyway, long toot short, here are a couple of pages, I didn't discard in the last few days.

Should I post these at periodic intervals, like 'real' professionals do? I can never decide.
Once I make something that's not to be discarded (for whatever reason); the longer it's just laying around, the more restless it makes me. I need to be done with the process of putting it up and then burying it in a drawer.


Some thickness to start the week. ('Thiccness'? Not based on anyone).

The link between this and my previous 'cry-cry' toots? I wasn't feeling up to pick up the pen and start, so tried doodling with a brush, and the last of the liquid ink I have left. Eventually the shapes suggested a human form, and I went with it.

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