I don't have a direction with this. Just working on twice the usual size. This is two separate sheets taped together. If this feels better than the modest A4, I will then have the painful challenge of finding a local paper store.


Some more lines added, as of yesterday. I'm not calling it progress just yet.

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I noticed a couple of days ago, that I've had tired irritated eyes, because the shitty LED bulb in my desk lamp has a flicker.
You can barely see the dark and light streaking on the photo above—that's because I usually spend a couple of minutes with the Curves tool to get the values I like.

What I have also found is that, in this ENTIRE country, you cannot find anything other than 6500K, >700lm, blue-blinding LED lamps.

(Is this the kind of stuff, is for? Or am I spamming?) 0:-)

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