I don't have a direction with this. Just working on twice the usual size. This is two separate sheets taped together. If this feels better than the modest A4, I will then have the painful challenge of finding a local paper store.


Not so much of a progress, but an experimentation of black and white editing with Gimp.
Even though there's not much colour data in my images, I noticed my camera photos turned to grayscale look shit.
The scans have never been a concern for me. I scan drawings in gray at high resolution, and need barely any tweaking.

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Maybe this is the FIN for this one, maybe I'll tweak some more, just in case I'm trying to avoid new work. 😛
This took long, and in all likelihood, I'm going to separate the two sheets, and shelf them once they are scanned.

Working through this did help me get comfortable with using Sumi sticks, which have their own unique challenges.

Sumi (stick ink), G-pen, somewhat smooth A3 (A4 x 2; 100g/m²) paper.

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