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Started with a month's plan for Mullvad VPN. It's been good. Although I don't have much to compare it with. I was using Proton's free VPN for a long time. which I would call generous for the free service.
It's €5 a month, and takes away my general throttled speeds and P2P/TOR issues. Speeds are close to my ISP's plan. The Linux app hasn't shit itself and crashed. Plenty of WireGuard servers. 1 account works on up to 5 devices—so both phone and desktop are covered.


Facebook conspiracy; Indian politics; Internet; Al Jazeera report 

On Facebook conspiring with Ambani, to sabatage democracy, compromise elections and radicalize the Hindu majority in India; through online propaganda.

Investigation by "The Reporters' Collective" and "".

Doesn't it look like something's about to happen?
Well, nothing happened.
┻━┻ ︵ ¯\ (ツ)/¯ ︵ ┻━┻

Decided to force a certain perspective, long after it was started. So, now it's even more disorienting than I intended.

More Sumi-e. No outlines A lot more noise. Really envy the masters, when the're able to create so many variations/gradations with just the lightest values of gray.

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I noticed I hadn't put up the good scan of this one. The corner was weakened with the ink-wash; left it unrepaired.

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Saw the new website design. I find it to be the best so far. The layout and new colour scheme are nice and warm, and efficient. I was curious what your about page would be like, once you add it—really like the writing.

Slobberpuss 2020-12-25
I may or may not have shared this before.
Technical pens (Isograph 0.3, 0.1) on paper.

2022-03-06 Sumi ink on A4 paper.

I won't dare decide on my own, if this can be called Sumi-e at all.
Perhaps it takes more than just using the tools.

One of the bulbous shapes resembles a nice, big bum, and that pleases me. 🙃

The French Dispatch (2021).
Watched last night. Fun film. Among Wes Anderson's films, though, I still like Isle Of Dogs over the rest.

Does anyone know this exists?
I was browsing through art genres in Wikimedia Commons, and suddenly...

Here's a link to the paintings. Have fun! 😛 [NSFW: nudity, genitals in video]

When officially a weirdo you are,
reflect it does in your sketchbook.
It does, yes. 😜
The second is the first test page from a sketchbook; with technical pens.

Scanned both in grayscale and colour, to see how it looks. Could not get the perfect tone of the yellow paper in the colour version—it always ends up a little reddish for me. Or I lose some detail, elsewhere.

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Decided to leave this drawing as is for now, and make a second with just the sheen of diluted Sumi. Not sure if they look at all complementary, next to each other. 🤷

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Cameras I've found, are extremely bad at picking up subtle ink gradients. Unless of course, we have a dedicated light-box set-up for it.

Running nibs on thicker textured paper, meant for graphite and watercolour. Mostly because I had sketch-pads that were lying around unused.
All nibs run finer on thicker paper, giving the line width a more subtle variation.

The first of this kind I ever drew. Realised it was never shared here.
Technical Pen (0.3, 0.1) on heavy paper.

I've had it available as an (8x11)in paper print on the InPRNT store for the longest time.

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