Cartoonist Kayfabe — Richard Corben Artist Edition
Flip through of the book "Corben: Donner Corps Å L'Imaginaire", from 'Angoulême.
[CW: Erotica]

I'm more than pleased to find another analog and pen&ink artist here. I guess your follow helped me discover your amazing work. So, thank you for that as well.

Has anyone here ever seen one of Taylor Mazer's miniature pen and ink drawings? It's quite fantastic, watching him build one of them.

He even teaches an Advanced Inking Techniques class in Michigan, where he's from. And of course, there is a website and Patreon which I have been planning to get into for the longest time.

Jim Carrey - I needed colour
(okay "color", whatever)

For the first couple of minutes, I didn't even believe it was a serious video. Everyone else has probably seen this before.


Saw the new website design. I find it to be the best so far. The layout and new colour scheme are nice and warm, and efficient. I was curious what your about page would be like, once you add it—really like the writing.

Finally managed to upload the rest of the video from last month. A little better (closer) filmed. No music, sorry. Haven't found nice Creative Commons music, for a 35m video. I admit, something feels missing without an overhead camera.

Still 35m of just drawing, for whoever likes to watch!

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So satisfying to watch:
Naoki Urasawa demonstrates his methods of applying screen tones for lighter values—shadows, sky, facial contours.
Now I need to find screen tone sheets in this country. 🙄
- - - -
【Dr.テンマ登場】スクリーントーンの使い方をご紹介します How to apply screen tone : Drawing Dr.Tenma
- - - -

Does anyone know this exists?
I was browsing through art genres in Wikimedia Commons, and suddenly...

Here's a link to the paintings. Have fun! 😛 [NSFW: nudity, genitals in video]

Did I mention, to the universe, that we are trying to get fancy with our tools now?
I thought it was about time I started trying traditional Sumi sticks and the ink stone for drawing/inking.

The result of nearly clueless shopping on Japan-Bezos using translate. I am relieved I wasn't screwed. That little ink stick was supposed to be 28g big like the other, but I guess it's just fancier. Also, the Menso brush is way larger than I thought, so somewhat redundant. 🤪

Part 2 of dump—some failures. Better called, 'the perpetual grind'. When I just can't get one face right, no matter how many times I draw!
(Forgot to add alt text in the previous set of images. Honestly I sometimes don't know how to describe my own photos.)

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Today feels like image dump day, for some reason.
First, some random old practice pages. This has absolutely not come up because I noticed mold smell on loose papers and started shuffling through everything.

(tl;dr I dumped zuck-the-suck)

'You can't break up with me, because I break up with you first!'
Was in the process of clearing out my account, finally, when it just locked my out for good. I had managed to delete all posts and was working through bookmarks, follows, etc.

What a bunch of bastards. Can't believe most of this maliciousness is from automated code! I'll pretend for now, that this is for the better.

Has anyone seen hand-drawn animation this tasty before!

Gaia — gaiaesthermaria on Instagram — has animated quite a few music videos, among other things, and they are all equally fantastic. I've followed her work for some time and somehow never shared it around. Probably because I assumed everyone already knew.

Recently found videos of François Schuiten drawing, on youtube. The are quite short, but close-up of the pen work and fantastic.

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