It's that way that is kept by the dead, in The Return of the King. Only once you start drawing it, it's not all that impressive. Lighting and visual effects make simple shit look way too impressive!

Today morning was all . Somehow, I woke up and went straight to drawing.
Drawn entirely with a Maru Pen/nib, and of course Sumi.

I'm seeing a lot of MerMay tags, but it seems the Fediverse has not caught on to May also being masturbation month.

Anyway, here's is something unrelated to either, from a month ago.

Quick portrait drawing, with minimal pause, while watching an old black and white film.

Finally cobbled this together from the scans. I haven't stopped to really look, what it's like as a digital image. While it wasn't bad to work at twice the size; I've learned I need a much larger board for this.

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Maybe this is the FIN for this one, maybe I'll tweak some more, just in case I'm trying to avoid new work. 😛
This took long, and in all likelihood, I'm going to separate the two sheets, and shelf them once they are scanned.

Working through this did help me get comfortable with using Sumi sticks, which have their own unique challenges.

Sumi (stick ink), G-pen, somewhat smooth A3 (A4 x 2; 100g/m²) paper.

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I don't have a direction with this. Just working on twice the usual size. This is two separate sheets taped together. If this feels better than the modest A4, I will then have the painful challenge of finding a local paper store.

20s flip though of the 4 or 5 sheets left clipped to the board. All of this is just to keep myself from losing momentum completely.
I haven't felt like putting up any of it, since it's all more of the same shit.

I looked for some self-deprecating, funny little audio clip to put over this, but couldn't find any suitable CC audio in time.

"Winter above deep creak: The making of a lithograph"

Full 52m video documenting the entire process of a full colour offset lithograph, drawn by hand on the plates.


Has anyone here ever seen one of Taylor Mazer's miniature pen and ink drawings? It's quite fantastic, watching him build one of them.

He even teaches an Advanced Inking Techniques class in Michigan, where he's from. And of course, there is a website and Patreon which I have been planning to get into for the longest time.

An old one from last year. I was still using felt-tips then. Or perhaps I was trying to use them up, so I could switch to nibs.

Some thickness to start the week. ('Thiccness'? Not based on anyone).

The link between this and my previous 'cry-cry' toots? I wasn't feeling up to pick up the pen and start, so tried doodling with a brush, and the last of the liquid ink I have left. Eventually the shapes suggested a human form, and I went with it.

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