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Running nibs on thicker textured paper, meant for graphite and watercolour. Mostly because I had sketch-pads that were lying around unused.
All nibs run finer on thicker paper, giving the line width a more subtle variation.

The first of this kind I ever drew. Realised it was never shared here.
Technical Pen (0.3, 0.1) on heavy paper.

I've had it available as an (8x11)in paper print on the InPRNT store for the longest time.

Now I feel like I'm about to disappoint you all,
@MalteHollmann @Sorl @edyother .
While I wasn't thinking of either dragon-scales or paper textures, I will probably have to re-do this with that direction in mind!

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So, I was "not" trying to make something resembling one of those opportunistic spills, that are really just meant to dislocate the indigenous. But here we are, after some enthusiastic rendering times.

This evening's produce. Went to town with a Maru-pen. I would have like the hatching from both ends/lamps to only form circular halos and neatly meet in the middle to form the mesh. But it was not planned, so needed extra.

Some more.
I wonder if everyone here prefers seeing these, or if I should post the entire half hour long, slow drawing session? Sadly I can't get the audio for the nib scratches.

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Random scribble-turned-experiment—to achieve the illusion of a real place, albeit surreal, solarised rendering and non-shit aerial perspective with minimal additions.

Seemed to be fit for a .

Bit the bullet and did a quick unplanned video. 🙄
It makes a good demonstration of how random and unsightly the start of an Automatic Drawing can be; or any art work really.

Also, couldn't decide on a instance to upload to. Would have preferred that. But, most seem to have individual owners, making their future uncertain.

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