t.me/ukrainenowenglish/12220 📊 89% of Ukrainians consider it unacceptable to reach a peace agreement with Russia by ceding the Ukrainian territories that Russian troops captured as a result of a full-scale invasion. This is evidenced by the results of a Wall Street Journal and NORC survey conducted together with a Ukrainian sociological company. (Graph)

there is an asparagus plant from a few years ago growing amidst the lettuces

i haven't pulled it out because it's huge and i'm curious how big it will get

it's about four feet tall so far and looks like a charlie brown christmas tree

t.me/ukrainenowenglish/12224 ❗️ Dmitry Medvedev, the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, said that Western sanctions against Russia could be qualified as an act of international aggression and even as a "casus belli" (occasion for war - ed.)

t.me/ukrainenowenglish/12225 📍 In Belarus, one of the organizers of a holiday for Ukrainian children who fled from the war, Alla Karolenko, was sentenced to 7 days of arrest (more)

R&B star R. Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison Wednesday for using his superstardom to subject young fans — some whom were just children — to systematic sexual abuse. cbc.ca/news/entertainment/r-ke

Two charter flights scheduled to leave Islamabad for Canada carrying Afghan refugees failed to depart Pakistan this week, CBC News has learned. 

The 2022 Indigenous Summer Games kick off in Yellowknife Thursday, with about 120 athletes coming to town for the competition. cbc.ca/news/canada/north/yello

What did people expect? This China in a nutshell! Halfway into five decades of freedom promised Hong Kong when Britain returned the region to China, Beijing is tightening its cbc.ca/newsinteractives/featur

Yes! In a 6-3 ruling today, the court says the expanded rules to further prevent a sexual assault complainant's past from being used against them in a trial are "constitutional in their entirety." cbc.ca/news/politics/supreme-c

A colleague and friend saw a variation of this #pride theme online and wanted a printable version for her office door. Happy to supply.
Free high resolution download on my patreon and via Ko-Fi: ko-fi.com/s/33de45c620
Feel free to use and distribute. #lgbtq #lgbt #disability #trans #science #feminism #free #CreativeToots

Hydrogen sulfide is not a friendly chemical for us. It's corrosive, toxic, flammable and smells like farts. But to some clams, it's dinner! Many "chemosymbiotic" species partner with sulfur oxidizing bacteria. In thyasirid clams, these microbes are hosted in the gills, sharing sugars they produce with their host. The clam uses a long, thin foot to make a network of burrows channeling *more* sulfide to itself! The clams help aerate sediments that would be toxic to other forms of life. #clamfacts

Le pissenlit, ce n'est pas une mauvaise herbe (les "mauvaises herbes" : une notion absurde ?), il est comestible, a des vertus thérapeutiques et ses fleurs jaunes sont sympas (y compris en confiture ou en gelée !)

#Anonymous relentless attack on the Kremlin & its cyber/physical assets are something that even western governments with their own considerable cyber defense capabilities have failed to match so far
Some Heroes Don't Fly
They Hack


t.me/KyivIndependent_official/ ⚡️Zelensky shows video of deadly missile strike on Kremenchuk shopping mall.
In his nightly address, President Volodymyr Zelensky showed a video of a Russian missile strike on a crowded shopping mall in Ukraine's central city of Kremenchuk. At least 20 people were killed and 59 injured as a result of attack. (Video and more)

t.me/nytimes/815 Bomb threats paralyze the Lithuanian government. The police suspect Russia is behind them.
A flood of fake bomb threats briefly paralyzed the work of government ministries, courts and police stations in Lithuania on Tuesday, raising fears that Russia was escalating pressure on the Baltic NATO country in retaliation for restrictions on freight traffic to an isolated Russian territory. (More)

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