Today I will spend most of the day looking at the Event Horizon Telescope image of Sgr A*!

This is the first direct image of the emission immediately outside of our Milky Way’s central supermassive black hole!!!

Remember: the Event Horizon Telescope is announcing something BIG about our galaxy in just a few hours, at 13:00 UTC (9AM Eastern)!

The links to the various livestreams are below:

1) American stream:
2) European stream:
3) Japanese stream:

What do you think they've found??

Visions of Atlantis' new album is looking better at every single they release. Who else wants to hear some pirate-themed duet-led symphonic metal?

I started writing the first thread about planetary habitability, but quickly realized you all need some background on how we *find* planets first!

So sorry to everyone who voted for habitability, but we’re doing HOW TO FIND AN EXOPLANET 🔭 today!

I promise this will make the habitability thread next week make even more sense (1/)

Flight was cancelled, so I'll stay in Chicago for the night. Let's see if tomorrow everything goes better. I even managed to break the case of my phone... At least my presentation for monday is ready!

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The schengen space is incredibly underrated by too many europeans

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The bureaucracy needed to fly into the US is certainly more annoying than in any other place I've ever been

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Getting ready to fly to Las Vegas for the Exoplanets 4 conference ( also here?). It's going to be a long journey. Tenerife - Madrid - Chicago - Las Vegas. Hopefully enough time to finish my presentation...

Anyway, people saying girls/women don't do STEM because they don't like hard maths are full of shit. Its me who doesn't like hard math, and I'm a physicist!

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Another thing I also secretly enjoy is that for the most part we can't design repeteable and controlled experiments. We look at nature happen and draw conclusions. We are like the ancient philosophers, but with better eyes.

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I think one of the secrets of astronomy is that data is so bad that you can fit anything with a polynomial in a log-log scale.

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Hard maths are hard, same as hard physics, and I don't like them. I'm kinda glad I can make a career based mostly on doppler effect, coding, polynomials, and intuition.

Karateka (July 2010) was born in Asturias (North of Spain) on my father's working clothes. He later moved to Tenerife, Geneva and back to Tenerife.

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These two fantastic beasts are Karateka (left) and Suri (right). 11 yr old and 3 yr old, respectively. They can usually be found sleeping on top of me.

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