This was my "office" for 7 years back when I worked at ESO's Paranal Observatory in Chile. What a view, huh?

That's the Milky Way framed by the entrance corridor to the underground "residencia", where we sleep, eat, etc. I miss those views!

@astro_jcm así se ve, o es el efecto de una foto de larga exposición?

@hmantegazzi A simple vista la Vía Láctea se ve en tonos grises, porque nuestros ojos no detectan bien los colores de noche, y no tan brillante, ya que esta es una exposición de 30 segundos.

Pero aun así es una vista espectacular al no haber contaminación lumínica. ¡Sin duda el mejor cielo que he visto nunca!

@astro_jcm lo más parecido que he visto fue en el valle del Elqui, pero duró unos pocos minutos, porque había estado nublado todo el día y parte de la noche, y cuando despejó no se tardó en salir la luna llena.

@hmantegazzi Sí, el valle del Elqui es una zona genial para contemplar el cielo.

@astro_jcm I can’t possibly say I’m not immensely jealous of your “desk setup”.

@pete I know, right? 😀 Not anymore, though, as I moved back to Europe a couple of years ago. Still working for ESO, though, so I hope to visit back soon!

@astro_jcm Among the many things I dreamed of being as a kid — and still occasionally as an adult — astronomer was always in the top of the list. I envy the miraculous things you get to see in the cosmos.

@astro_jcm I am reminded of the “Manhattanhenge” views — human-made geometry expressing our relation to the sun, stars, and the universe beyond. Never ceases to fascinate me.

@atlantienne Yeah, it has similar vibes to those views, never thought about that!

@astro_jcm Is it just me or is the sky in the southern hemisphere much better at its best than the northern hemisphere is at its best?

@TotallyGuy I agree! The core of the Milky Way is higher up, the Magellanic Clouds are breathtaking... So many gems!

@astro_jcm I was in Australia driving back to Brisbane after doing a tourist cave when my companions said we should stop the car to look at the stars because there's no light pollution.

I initially baulked at the request but I am so glad I stopped and looked. I had no idea that sights like that weren't just for telescopes and special cameras.

I can see my home from here...

seriously, it's a great view

@astro_jcm Awesome and Ubercool and Breath taking. 😳👍

Have you more of this kind of Photos?

@kranzkrone Thanks! Yup, I have lots more, I'll be posting them every now and then. You can check some of them here:

@astro_jcm hmm, that's too bad that you only have and use Instagram. 😒

@kranzkrone I also upload my pics to Flickr:

and will do the same here in Mastodon as well –– I just joined quite recently.

@astro_jcm good to know, i will wait for your Uploads on Mastodon then. 😀

@astro_jcm That is stunning. I can imagine you miss that. I've never seen the Milky Way like that in person, so thank you for sharing that image.

@paulkater Thanks! In real life it looks like a grayscale version of this and somewhat fainter, as our eyes don't register colour at night very well and they can't integrate light for several seconds like cameras do. But it's nevertheless a pretty impressive sight! I live near the city, so I never see stars in the sky that well, but this photo is amazing! Truly a galatic work of art!

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