Since it's here's a fun fact: did you know that the domes of the Auxiliary Telescopes at ESO's Paranal Observatory in Chile are uncannily similar to Marvin the Paranoid Android?

@astro_jcm I hope they don't have a terrible pain in all the diodes down their left sides. 🙂

@anathem Should've specified I was referring to the 2005 version :D

FYI, I wanted to check out if this was true. But it seems it is only from a Twitter ESO post : (2021)

Here is an image of telescope 3 from 2022 at the bottom of the page. Maybe the eyes are on the other side, but I haven't found any other image with them.

@Zekovski Oh, I edited the eyes on that image myself, the telescopes don't have eyes! That's something we did as a joke for a recent press release featuring the number 42 :-)

Oh ! OK.
Reading your post led me to believe they do and it made me sceptical. But now that I read it again, I realize you didn't say that.

Nice photo editing you did there ! 👍

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