My suggestions are a bunch of astrophysicists! I'm listing their research specialities, but they're more than their work and have lots of other interests you can check out in their bios!

@AdiFoord - Black Holes, Active Galactic Nuclei

@alstev - Black Holes, Neutron Stars

@thomasconnor - Black Holes

@dpthorngren - Planet Interiors

@astrobiolena - Astrobiology

@spacetides - Planetary Tides

(There are more, but these are the ones actively posting right now!)

This is my favourite catch of Mars from the
@HopeMarsMission data so far.

North Polar Cap, Olympus Mons and Tharsis Montes.

Full Size:

Orbit: 91 - Altitude 23967 km
Time: 2021-08-09

#Mars #Space #HopeProbe

If you had place a bet right now on where we'll find life beyond Earth first, where are you putting your money? 🪐

I'm writing a postdoc fellowship proposal on a topic that is really new to me and wow is the imposter syndrome 100% activated rn... 🥴

Hi everyone! I’m Daria, I’m a PhD student studying terrestrial exoplanet atmospheres! I’m super excited to chat planetary science here 🚀

Testing out how well sharing video links from my TikTok channel works!

A really cool new paper published last week compared cracks in Europa's icy shell to similar features observed in Greenland, and if the authors' conclusions are right, they could be game-changing for future astrobiology missions to Europa!

Paper ref: Culberg et al. (2022) in Nature Communications.

Hi there! I'm Lena 👋 I'm an astrobiologist, NASA Fellow, and science communicator! I create educational content about , the dedicated to studying how life got started on Earth the potential for life on other worlds! I mostly post on TikTok, but I plan on starting to use Mastodon, too. Excited to connect with you all! 😀


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