I’m slowly collecting my β€œforever” equipment, and in addition to my fluorite triplet, I was fortunate enough to find this beauty: a 102mm f11 ED doublet. Long focal length have something special, at least for me; their simple optics approach for higher magnification makes me travel back in time to the previous centuries of great astronomical discoveries. Oh well, with great acquisitions come great burdens, and the dust is currently in full force in the Caribbean…

Rather minimalist ir-landscapes which might look good as wallpapers. Different hues and compositions. Have fun. #wallpaper #photography #infrared

Just bought this online. I wished to replay my favorite game series (MechAssault) on the 1st Gen Xbox, but unfortunately they didn’t get preserved with back compatibility. Oh well, I’m really looking forward to playing with the Duke controller once again!

M4.1 depth:99km,2021-06-10T00:29:34.670 UTC,lat:19.7155 lng:-63.4486,170 km NNW of The Valley, Anguilla|ID:pr2021161000 earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquake #earthquake Earthquakes Today (past 24 hrs,only quakes >= M4.0) earthquakenow.report/

I recently started an interest in the features close to the limb, and specifically those whose views could be affected by the changes in lunar . Thus, I started my search with the following two , Hecataeus (~143km diameter) & Humboldt (~200km diameter), lying around 80 degrees East. Current lunar libration (according to an app I just downloaded πŸ˜†) favors objects lying in the Eastern limb, so I tried to capture some images before the darkens away the features.

🐧 New: Ephoto
🦊️ What's: A libre tool for viewing & editing images, very interesting for its quick & simple image editing functions

🏑️ enlightenment.org/about-ephoto
🐣️ git.enlightenment.org/apps/eph
πŸŽ₯️🏝️ youtu.be/iWeYqF1EwJU

πŸ“– Our entry: bit.ly/bottinNew
πŸ”– #linux #tool #libre #graphics-editor

The slight rocking motion the Moon does while orbiting the Earth is called libration. This has effect that we can effectively see about 59% of the lunar surface. Depending on the day in the lunar month, we may temporarily see lunar features that are β€œaway” from us.


Playing a bit with the scope and my phone. These phone pictures are simple but sure look nice to me.

V+40 hours: I’m happy to say that since I haven’t got any symptoms so far, I should be in the clear by now.

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V+29 hours: still no symptoms other than the sore arm. Am I out of the woods?

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