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So right now I'm going to shamelessly promote my channel, which is just a baby still, but it's in urgent need of followers! I'm just playing around with it since it's my first foray in this, but suggestions/comments/ideas are welcome!

Thanks for looking!

Showing no remorse reveals how FB values user data:

It is the responsibility of a tech service to secure user data. Better choose services that protect your privacy! πŸ’ͺ
Check here whether your data was leaked:

Just got an iPad to replace my Android tablet. It’s a bummer that the app doesn’t show as a native app; it looks like a stretched iOS app. Is there a fix for this?

Ok, so the Ninja Gaiden Master Collection is coming in a few months. I have already bought NGfor the Xbox OG, NG Black, NG Sigma for the PS3, and have it enhanced on the Xbox One X/ Series X. Should I buy the Master Collection?

Become an EFF member today to strengthen the best parts of the Internet and create a better digital future

I'm a Star Hunter. For real. I capture star spectra, its unique signature, and add it to my star collection. I love doing this!

Comparison is the thief of joy. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

How much FATTER have you gotten during this pandemic?

Hello guys!

I've just created my first-ever tutorial video in English, and it's about spectroscopy! I am showing the basics of stellar spectroscopy using BASS Spectro, a free spectroscopy software (links in the video description).

I hope you like it! Feel free to provide any questions or feedback!

Well, so there’s not of astronomy going on right now, so I decided to start yet another island in !


This is so cool. With just a little bit of modification using a single 3d printed part glued to the side of the head of a 3d printer this japanese team managed to create a fully autonomous robot that can basically built its own tools, pick them up, and then use them to manipulate its environment.

#3dprinting #3dprinter #robot #robots #engineering #automation

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