I’m slowly collecting my β€œforever” equipment, and in addition to my fluorite triplet, I was fortunate enough to find this beauty: a 102mm f11 ED doublet. Long focal length have something special, at least for me; their simple optics approach for higher magnification makes me travel back in time to the previous centuries of great astronomical discoveries. Oh well, with great acquisitions come great burdens, and the dust is currently in full force in the Caribbean…

A few months ago, I was able to image this not-as-commonly-photographed , IC#447 in the constellation . Being a reflection nebula, it has a bluish color. Its estimated distance away from us is around 2,700 light-years.

You can see the original image and others I've imaged here: captandoelcosmos.com/dso/

My main interests until now have been and . It’s been great to alternate between them so I don’t get too tired of any of them. But lately, and economics, and also , have been occupying all my attention for the past few weeks. Thus, I’m investing in knowledge now and studying on the topic.


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