Looks promising and exciting, but I barely understood to fully grasp the implications of this discovery… if any has a better understanding of this, then, by all means, go ahead and enlighten me.

The vaccines are all effective against the Delta variant of Covid.


The longer there is a pool of unvaccinated people in the U.S., the greater the opportunity for a mutation that *is* resistant to the vaccines. That variant will then be able to spread at will, nearly as if we had started over. 

Or worse, the thing could mutate to become more dangerous to children. 

Please get your vaccines, people. We need to stamp this thing out while we have the chance, and for that, you have to do your part. #GetVaccinated

It's not just about you. Experts say getting a Covid-19 vaccine protects everyone around you:

Ok maybe there is one or two good people out there... but this doesnt make up for the rest of you shitty humans!

That moment that you realize that after you stream for 90 minutes, talking about a bunch of different topics you thought interesting, the mic was on mute all the time and your voice wasn't heard at any moment... πŸ˜‘ :cate: 🀬

I'm going live in 30 minutes! At 10:35PM ET tonight, please join me on , as I'm going to be playing on ! Let's see how far I get!

It seems I need to sort some technical difficulties with my iPad streaming, so I’ll let you know the next time!

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I’m gonna doing my first stream on , playing ! Stream starts at 12:00PM-ish ET. Please join!

Watch me at

Starting at 11:30PM ET! Sunday Night !

I’m live on Twitch - Watch me at

I’m live on Twitch - Watch me at

@cassidyjames The Touryst has a similar effect; it’s nice in images but weird to look at in motion.

Streamed for an hour on , now I’m going to sleep! Barely made it out alive on that last mission, but ended with half on my team dead and four wrecked mechs. Damn.

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