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V+19 hours: Other than a sore arm, no major symptoms. I’m not declaring victory yet, though.

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V+16 hours: morning has been normal so far. Arm is sore, but other than that, no other symptoms. I wonder…

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1. Don't be a downer in replies for no good reason.

2. No unsolicited advice.

3. If someone says something nice to you, boost a post of theirs that you like.

4. If someone is rude/unhelpful/a downer in your replies, block-unblock them to get them off your follower list (or just block them if they don't follow you).

5. Use hashtags sometimes, and when you do, click on them and boost the good stuff to federate it about.

#meta #tootorial

V+8 hours… nothing of note to report, just my arm is sore where they injected the 2nd dose of the Moderna vaccine. Going to sleep now.

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V+5hours: no symptoms other than my arm getting a bit more sore than before. Still nothing major, as something similar happened after the first dose.

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V+2 hours: just a bit sore on the arm due to the injection, but no other symptoms.

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Just got my second dose of the Moderna vaccine. I’m gonna be posting once each hour, trying to explain how do I feel.

I've been out of social media for some days now. Its surprising how long it has seemed, but at the same time it feels right. It's necessary to get out, and experience only the real world for a while.

Showing no remorse reveals how FB values user data:

It is the responsibility of a tech service to secure user data. Better choose services that protect your privacy! πŸ’ͺ
Check here whether your data was leaked:

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