The urge to distro-hop is like libido. It will bug you and bug you until you give in, and then once you do, you don't care about it any more for a while.

Whenever I see the "Room Full Of Crazy" trope I think of Taravangian's Diagram from Stormlight Archive.

Well, I finally finished all 80 of Agatha Christie's mysteries. Most of them were well worth reading.

I actually got a raise from this job for the first time ever. I guess sometimes new senior management really does make a difference.

I want to understand David Bohm's implicate / explicate theory, but I'm not sure I'm smart enough.

It's practically impossible to communicate enthusiasm for a piece of music (or other art, I suppose) to someone else.

I'm bored and want to do crazy computer things. But I don't want to live with the results I would get. 💻 💥

The German verb "pumpern" means "to thump". But apparently it used to mean "to fart". 😂

If you're progressive, don't read Passenger to Frankfurt by Agatha Christie. Conservative paranoia that says young activists = destructive hoodlums = literal Nazis. Not too surprising given that it was written by an 80-year-old. I wonder if it was just as irritating 50 years ago when it was published?

I took the mouse apart. It was so full of crud that there's no sense in fixing it.

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The scroll wheel of my mouse just started acting crazy. Maybe I need to buy a mouse soon.

I was listening to an old favorite album (Red Heaven by Throwing Muses) on YouTube Music today and the song lengths in the metadata were all mismatched with the actual songs. Never saw that before. Of course there's no way to report it either.

Also, it's hard to believe that album is nearly 30 years old now.

I preordered the Pixel 4a. I'm overdue for a new phone.

I've only just realised that paypal added 2FA via the authenticator app (instead of SMS only). Seems they did it a year ago and didn't tell anyone.

Once upon a time, Hooktube was the way to privately watch YouTube. And then it got neutered and is now just a different UI for YouTube.
Then came And now that's shutting down too.
The lesson to learn is that you can't depend on bootleg YouTube services. If you want to watch YouTube, the only dependable way is directly through or its app. If that's not ok with you, you should be looking to stop watching entirely.

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”
– Blaise Pascal

A week ago I went big on Reddit and subbed a lot of things. This was fun for about three days. After six days I was burned out on it.
And I didn't even get what I wanted. I'm looking for news and official announcements, not random people asking questions.

so around a century ago, there was a comic strip called The Outbursts of Everett True, where the titular character saw people being rude jackasses and decided to deal with this harshly and folks a lot of these still hold up perfectly in modern times

but i am delighted to announce

somebody's found the comics about mask-wearing

and They're Good, Folks

(uncaptioned, feel free to help out with descriptions here, i'd appreciate it)

I wonder how much privacy value Firefox actually has when run on Windows 10 or OEM Android.

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