I'm again seriously using @cryptpad . I got nervous trusting my critical docs to Google, who might ban me at any point with no appeal. If you are looking for a good alternative to Google Drive / Docs, this is a good one.

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@ataraxia937 @cryptpad I love using cryptpad. It was my daily driver when teaching at my library before we closed to the public

That's an important point for #cloud and/or social media users.

To corporations, you're just krill. You can lose access at any time due to mistakes by bots. There often is no way to fix the problem.

Additionally, hosts will read and/or resell your information.

Take control of your online presence. Host your own instances of #Nextcloud, #Mastodon, Mail In A Box,, #CryptPad, and other cloud platforms.

Note: Look for platforms that are mature enough to work well.

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