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existential dread is scrolling to the bottom of your feed then refreshing to do it again

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people who communicate unclearly then get upset at you for not understanding 😒

turns out too much caffeine on an empty stomach leads to nausea

having any type of political stance at all is larping actually

I'm bothered by the amount of gatekeeping that I often witness in leftist spaces. It is incredibly detrimental to leftism materializing into a broader, cohesive movement if we keep conducting ridiculous litmus tests for moral or ideological purity. All this pointless infighting is going to get us nowhere.

Earth as we know it could just be a constituent in some grander collection of events, just as the atoms that make up 'you' are constituents in what defines your existence. All this leads me to wonder whether we should conceptualize death as 'fading into nothingness'. The entire universe may operate as one singular unit, and what you perceive as your own sentience might not be so significant after all. (2/2)

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This comic gave me a mindfuck. Perhaps the concept of a 'soul' was just created by humans to understand existence, while sentience may actually be meaningless. Take an inanimate object, for instance, a rock, and imagine how it may be just as sentient as you. The only difference is that you can only experience sentience based on the context of your existence. (1/2)


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