I'm talking to @GregDavill@twitter.com right now! Come and join us to hear more about his projects and path so far.


In just under 24 hours, I'll be live with @GregDavill@twitter.com, talking about all sorts of projects he's worked on! Come and join us!


I struggle to believe that this was anything to do with anything my end - in fact, I'm confident it wasn't, as the "fix" was to wait...

I also struggle to believe that they were unaware of this issue, and fully expect that their status checker is only giving partial info.


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The only information the modem would give me was an "ERROR" response, and as far as Vodafone's online service status checker was aware, there were no issues at all!

Don't get me started on their customer dashboard thing, it's atrocious.


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I gave it a good poke, as the entry into this state was a bit unexpected... but nothing I could do would allow me to re-establish the data link. I even tried different APN details, just in case.

In the end, I just had to cross my fingers and wait it out. 🥱


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The difficulty working with cellular is that so much of it is out of your control, and you hardly get any information on what's actually going on.

I recently had a ~7h period where the modem was connected to the network, but couldn't establish a data link. 1/n 🧵

For this week's stream, I'll be talking with @GregDavill@twitter.com about all sorts of electronics projects! Come and join us to hear more!

Tuesday @ 10pm BST!


Oh yeah, I was tricked by the output for a while (and did actually try "\(...\)" previously)... because the output shows the un-transformed names... you have to subsequently `tar -t` to verify the transformation. 🙈

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If you're going to call it an "ultrasonic" welder, then perhaps make sure it really is ultrasonic? (though does the same apply re audible vs. damage?)

I highly suspect this one is just a friction welder, though I didn't have visibility above the audible range. 4/4

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I'll admit, I have very good hearing, but at ~10m away, and still being so intensely painful, surely this is damaging even if you can't hear it / have already lost those frequencies...?

The significant energy is up at ~19kHz, with a lower amplitude harmonic(?) at ~10kHz. 3/n

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Later in the tour, I heard an incredibly loud / high pitched noise - it was genuinely painful. Any guesses what it was? 🙃

Yep - the ultrasonic welding machine.

Nobody else could hear it, and somehow it seems there are no health & safety requirements in this area(?!) 😱 2/n

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I visited a customer the other day, and they showed me around their factory / production line - all quite interesting (I like that sort of thing)... I saw a pleating machine and various other bits, including an ultrasonic welding machine used to do seams. 1/n 🧵

In other news, the output of my CI job is now much more tidy. 🥳

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The documentation's insistence that this is a "sed-compatible" expression was winding me up, and it appears (at least on my system), that it's not possible to take a functional `sed` expression and pop it into an `--xform`...

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Whenever I try to use it, I realise how poorly the `tar --xform` option is documented... Today I ended up rummaging in the sources to find out that groups are not denoted by "(...)", but rather "\(...\)" - something that appears to be a build-time configuration option. 🙈

It's finally happened 😭

Why today?... The day I'm driving myself and colleagues on a trip with more than 6h of driving.

Come and join @no1089@twitter.com and myself, as we talk about all sorts of Electronics - Biomedical to VR and beyond!


Just 1.5 hours until @no1089@twitter.com and I talk about his path so far!


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