Awesome birthday gift from the family 😍🥰
They know that I’m a huge Nigel Mansell fan! 🏎

Anyone else into watches?

This is my happy place and where I spend 99% of my time, especially as I work from home everyday. Makes an interesting backdrop for Teams calls! It's not a huge room like other people have but it makes me genuinely happy.

And yes those are Funko Pop's and I know people hate them, but I don't care. They were an important part of life for me when my dad was diagnosed with MND and helped me cope with the stress of it all.

Would love to see some of your happy places!

The Amiga 500 was such an amazing computer. The 16-bit power felt like a huge step from the 8-bit C64 :-)

Can't wait for our Nintendo Switch Sports to arrive! Anyone else keen as us?

Hey peeps, ICYMI, you can check out the complete mastodon instance/community list here ->

Our games room (the Fun Factory) - show us yours?

PS: We are in the middle of renovating our room, so will show you progress photos and the final setup!

We have finally arrived! Better late than never.

Looking forward to meeting lots of great peeps on here from around the world 🙂


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