I'd like to hear from people that are running #phosh on other devices than the #librem5 or #pinephone (including pro) to get a better idea about the use cases.

Is it portrait or landscape by default? What's the native resolution and display diagonal?

@agx Ah, I have a few more data points for you then ;)

* PineTab, 10.1" landscape, 1280x800
* Surface Pro 3, 12" landscape, 2140x1440
* Surface Go 2, 10.5" landscape, 1920x1080
* OnePlus 6, 6.28" portrait 1080x2280
* Pocophone F1, 6.18" portrait, 1080x2246


@agx Oh and FYI, the Surface Go 2 is the device I usually take with me when travelling, is a perfect match for it!

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