Not my cleanest approach/landing ever, but a fun one nonetheless 😄 🛩️

Being able to see gigantic live shows again is a true relief after those past 2 years !

Trivia: which band is that? (should be an easy one for metalheads 😉 )

I didn't brag about it here (yet 😉 ) but I'm extremely proud of my latest life achievement: having been granted a Developer account! 🎉

This is due in no small part to my involvement in the wonderful community, which I'm proud to be a part of.

Let's keep the FLOSS ball rolling!

For the curious, here's the GPS trace for this flight (look for in SW France)

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Less than 1hr from the start of my @fosdem talk, I wanted to share a small surprise: this, ladies and gentlemen, is a @Fairphone 4 running @mobian :)
Still far from full support, but kudos to @z3ntu for their work on mainlining this device!

Goofing around with my freshly received Nexdock 360 and , running @mobian of course :)


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