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I use Keyoxide, developed by @yarmo.

• it’s fully open-source and can be self-hosted
• it relies on already existent OpenPGP identity proofs via notations — your identities never leave your OpenPGP key
• as such, one doesn’t need an account
• one can verify XMPP, IRC, Mastodon, Pleroma, Owncast, etc. New proofs are easy to implement

My favourite feature is the ability to use WKD to be able to use email addresses instead of fingerprints, like

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And another Blender animated short film was just released, we love the aesthetics!

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✅ Vous travaillez ou êtes bénévoles pour une structure "engagée" (progrès social, justice sociale environnement, etc) ?

✅ Vous y utilisez le logiciel libre Nextcloud ?

Si vous répondez à ces 2 critères, votre avis nous intéresse. Beaucoup !

Notre petit questionnaire :

Merci infiniment ! 🙏

(PS: les résultats anonymisés seront publiés)

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Whether you want to #stream live from your android smartphone or add chat to #live streams on your instance, the #PeerTube community is here for you!

Here is a focus on two external developments that we have guided and supported.


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Centralised messenger Signal has just announced that they are making part of their server software closed source. They claim it is to fight spam, but by using closed source they make it impossible for outsiders to verify the truth. This is worrying.

We really, really need a fully open, decentralised alternative to Signal.

There are several alternatives being developed, please support them:

➡️ @snikket_im

➡️ @xmpp

➡️ @matrix

➡️ @delta

➡️ @briar

➡️ @Jami

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💡 Avec 6.0, est renommé en Mattermost Boards, mais ça ne veut pas dire que le nom Focalboard disparaît complètement. 👌

🧑‍🏫Clarifions cela ⤵️

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Zrythm is steadily building up towards something really exciting: a modern, flexible, open-source, Linux-native DAW focused on electronic music production.

It's not there yet, but looking at how Alex is churning out code - I think in a few years it'll rival both Ardour and LMMS in the computer music domain.

Go @zrythm !

#Zrythm #LinuxAudio #OpenSource #FOSS #FreeSoftware #Libre #MusicProduction

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This is a brand new server run by the main developers of the project as a spin-off of 🐘 It is not focused on any particular niche interest - everyone is welcome as long as you follow our code of conduct!