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Another boring "IT person", meticulously boring when it comes to IT stuff.

I have many interests but my biggest is IT (system adminstration, open source software), amateur music production and everything *nix related.

I like working with hands however i rarely build anything.

So, I watched LTT Linux voyage part 3. I wonder how much of that is a hassle to do in since i san see that they used Manjaro and Mint without gnome. Maybe i can try in fedora all these steps even tho i am using almost all if them since i shuffle from swaywm to gnome and back

Have you wondered about #Cockpit, the Web UI for managing #linux systems? Check out my latest video with I cover the high-level features in a few minutes so you can get started!

Despite having up-to-date firmware, nine popular Wi-Fi routers likely used by millions worldwide contained more than 200 security flaws

226 security flaws even with latest firmware. GG.

Every time I see people reading Linux guides that tell them to unnecessarily mess around with stuff managed by the package manager I just can't help but cringe. The saddest thing is, that's what most Linux "guides" are.

is starting slower than before, since they have added that last update with "app tracking protection". I believe we should file a bug report for this.

do we have anybody who is fiddling with ? I have one weird scenario: i have one flac and one png image. I create videos using x264 and i transcode flac to aac. It works except it adds about 30s of silence at the end. I have used examples from ffmpeg wiki.

Using theora and vorbis, this is not happening. Sadly, online services are dumb and they are not transcoding this to mp4 x264 aac video.

Any ideas? helps not and that is the only thread on the matter

looks quite good. I like how it is tag oriented, which should be the case always. Good

If you're into music and audio production with Linux and/or open-source software, you could enjoy joining my community chat!
A lot of fantastic people there, sharing ideas, software and helping each other solve issues.

The community chat is bridged between a self-hosted, open-source Rocket.Chat instance at an Discord (proprietary, centralized):

I'll see you around :)
#unfa #audio #FOSS #OpenSource #Linux #LinuxAudio #MusicProduction #SoundDesign

The first step of an awesome plan? A proper brain-dump! Here's what wants to do for the streaming community on #Linux.

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I had a look to your discussion... If you need button bindings, note that most SteelSeries mice now support this feature by hardware (without requiring an always-running software on the PC).

But Rivalcfg does not support this feature on all models: it is difficult to implement when I do not own the mouse.

You can look at this page to see what is supported for each mice:

I hope latest git changes for icons are not gonna be the default since folders went from beige to blue-green-something-yuck. They look awful.

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Re visibility, if anyone is bored, go to and star the project if you haven't already done it. Going over 1000 would be funny. Otherwise I don't really care that much, more users is in a sense just more work for me, so it's not like I actually benefit in any real way.

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