Reply to this post and I'll give you a custom emoji mashup

@bees have you done enough yet are you living up to your promised regret or have you ascended

@bees very close for sure but it's missing either a hat, an eyepatch, a machete, or gun for a Digimon i think.

@bees digivolve into a sexy cyborg with maybe like, the same green and maybe a spiked mech arm as the cactus reference but no other similarities or explanation as to why it went from random fantasy monster into edgy archangel.

@badboy69 @bees

this digivolution can go only two ways. either a really hot boxer man, or the same exact guy but he has a new accessory like a big hat or something.

@badboy69 @bees

i dont know very much about digimon but if this is really their forked digivolution, i already know more than i thought and im amazed.

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