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@bassara Reminder: Python can also do anything in one line. It has `for`, semicolons, and lambdas; that's enough.

@wizzwizz4 if you are a python developer, I am joking, if you are not, then I am not joking 馃槑馃槑

@bassara You've inspired me to make a Python LISP interpreter of the form:

while 1:exec(compile(__import__("re").sub(r"...", lambda ...: ..., input(">>> ")), "", "single"))

I probably won't, but one could.

@bassara Too many stickers, probably still unemployed鈥 :P
@bassara my dad texted me once "what brand is your linux"
@bassara Slackware, Arch, Manjaro, MxLinux, all without systemd.
@bassara It did not the last time I installed it but that has been a few years. I found Manjaro easier to maintain.

@nanook I've never used manjaro. I usually switch between debian, Gentoo and arch (parabola) haha

@bassara I have successfully compiled and used X on BSD but it was older xfree86.

@nanook I mean... X installs successfully, but it doesn't start, it returns an error I am too lazy to fix

@bassara Well I'm afraid laziness is something you'll have to address for yourself.

@Mia @nanook yeah, I have tried void. It lasted less than one day until I switched back to parabola. Distros usually don't last longer than 4/5 days kn my pc.

@Mia @nanook just in case I fuck up, you know... I cannot see a file I don't know about, because I want to see its contents, try to modify it, move it, rename it, change its permissions and stuff like that. I have learned a lot that waybhaha

@bassara Manjaro is based upon Arch but a bit more cooked.
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