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Everybody here is so supportive, thank you everybody, really. I am much better now, thanks for all the people that talked with me, all the people that supported me and it helped me to meet new people, that's amazing :3

I have been thinking a lot about abandoning my parents in the future, I don't see them in my life in the future, but I also feel a little guilty about that like... They are fucking assholes, they treat me like shit and I fucking hate them, but after all they've fed me all my life, and they'd be lonely. Idk it's weird

Nothing hurts as much as smiling and saying you are okay when you are actually not, but you don't want to scare people or start to answer stupid questions

My website has 251 pages now, I will try to make it 500 by the end of this year lmao.

Today I haven't felt that bad, like... I have spent almost all day today learning, that feels so good. But now I am a little tired so I am going to take a break <3

I've spent a lot of time today in my Italian, so... I will try to be like that everyday so I can learn it fast and I can learn new languages.

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But I don't want to start learning it right now because I don't want to learn two languages at a time (as it might be confusing)

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