Hi everyone,

I was thinking...
Are there actually profits of big tech data selling stuff, for the users?
Are there actually parts of, that have positive effect on users?
I don't think so...
So if there isn't anything good of at all, maybe we should actually raise our voices for a law that forbids data selling...
Please correct me if I'm thinking wrong!
Feel free to share your mind!

@basvanhaastregt the benefits for us, is that we're being shown and offered services and products which they think we will like.

Additionally, with a "big picture", these companies can scale, and over time the prices of things shrink, because economics of scale.

I think though the negative really outweighs the positive in our current reality. The information is used to take advantage of people mostly.

@indirection Yes, so I think it is a good idea if there comes a law that forbids data selling, or at least sets limits to it.
But I don't know how possible that is..
Maybe in the EU, or in some individual lands only I'm affraid...
I don't think it will be possible in the near future in the US.......

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