Hi all,

What do you use instead of Whatpsapp? Or what are you planning to use?
I use Threema, but unfortunately most people don't want to pay for something... :(
I don't want to use Signal, because that's based in the US.
So then there aren't much known options anymore.
What do you all use?
What should I let my friends use, who don't want to use threema?

I suggest adding signal and telegram in your next poll. My grandma can use Signal. I avoid Telegram but it is popular nonetheless.

I left Signal out because it's, as far as I know, based in the US.
I don't want to use services that are based in the US, because there are questionable rules there.

@basvanhaastregt Sorry I only read your full post after voting and responding. Signal hosting on AWS is a vulnerability. Although backdoors are absent, Amazon could shut down the servers like they did Parler. I expect that to be unlikely because of the backlash and that Moxie has a contingency plan. It is just the easiest service for the less competent people to use and adopt. We all can relate with the difficulty of getting some people to encrypt. XMPP and Matrix are my preferred.

@basvanhaastregt I use Telegram. It has its own 💩, but at least it´s not USA

@basvanhaastregt @selea

Started also to use Threema. Matrix/Element is very unreliable for continuity (is my personal experience). BTW I found Signal also very unreliable.

@WandelStock @basvanhaastregt @selea After much homework, you can run your own Matrix instance for low cost if you don’t federate it. The federation abilities will eat up lots of computing resources and bring the cost up. Either way, if you go that route instead of using the default instance, your reliability and performance will be good.

@basvanhaastregt session is also an option, but there can sometimes be some random latency in receiving messages because their network is new. I really like their idea. Session uses onion routing and decentralized computing. It doesn’t require any identifying information.

@basvanhaastregt I'm missing Telegram on that list - I imagine you would shun it for the same reason you discard Signal, but I'm not sure.

Yes, I'm leaving Telegram out of the list because isn't really a good alternative. like end-to-end encryption is disabled by default, if I remember correctly..

@basvanhaastregt I am testing out DeltaChat, a chat client that uses regular email protocols as its infrastructure. It's really universal and can't get much more desentralized than that 😏

Unfortunately that isn't possible to use with the email services I use...
Tutanota doesn't have IMAP and POP3 support. Protonmail only for paid plans... I only have a paid plan at tutanota

@basvanhaastregt That is a more of a problem for those specific email providers, any other email account, hosted or self-hosted, could be used, event with PGP encryption and signing.

@basvanhaastregt Since you mention Briar and Jami, you can add Tox to your list. The different clients aren't as pretty as that of Jami, but in my experience, tox is a bit more mature and robust.

(Specifically, I've had messages disappear or fail to send in Jami which never happened with tox)

@basvanhaastregt signal isn’t banned in the US, I use it every day

@basvanhaastregt Matrix can have a lot of the same features and is federated, so people can run their own home servers. Synapse is the reference Matrix server and Element is a popular Matrix client amongst many.
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