It's the first time that I do this. So it might be really bad.
Also, English isn't my native language, so maybe there are some wrong words.

And maybe this won't be something for me, but at least I try to see if it's something

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As I was wandering trough the mystical forest, I heard a voice:
"I will never be able to write a book. I can't hold a pencil and nobody likes my tales."
I wondered where the voice came from. I didn't see anyone. I only saw some trees and a rock

Once I asked whether there was anyone or not, the rock began moving.

When I looked better, I saw a dusty, gray dragon; mourning because he couldn't write.

"Do you want me to write your stories down?", I asked.
"I would be grateful." , the dragon said.

@Teryl_Pacieco has, with their small tales, inspired me to give it a try too. I like to do stuff with words, but writing full stories isn't (yet) something I am capable of. So let's see how tiny stories will work.

Unfortunately that isn't possible to use with the email services I use...
Tutanota doesn't have IMAP and POP3 support. Protonmail only for paid plans... I only have a paid plan at tutanota

Yes, I'm leaving Telegram out of the list because isn't really a good alternative. like end-to-end encryption is disabled by default, if I remember correctly..

I left Signal out because it's, as far as I know, based in the US.
I don't want to use services that are based in the US, because there are questionable rules there.

@dngray @albert_magellan @threemaapp
Or should we prefer peer-to-peer solutions like Briar or Jami?
For me it's now good to have read that article. That makes one less option to choose..

@Tutanota a
Why do you use signal?
Since they are in the US I wouldn't use it myself.
And sadly most people don't want to pay for a service like threema... :(
I have no idea what's the best option to tell my friends...
Threema, Wire, Briar, Jami, Matrix, XMPP .....

I made a poll, but there aren't much people that have reacted yet..

I think that it's also that people just want to be connected to everyone. They want to see what everyone does and most people only use bigtech.

@BLUW @threemaapp
Hmm, that seems to be no option for me, because Tutanota doesn't support IMAP and POP3 stuff and Protonmail only for paid plans. I only have a paid plan at tutanota...
But otherwise it would be a good option

Hi all,

What do you use instead of Whatpsapp? Or what are you planning to use?
I use Threema, but unfortunately most people don't want to pay for something... :(
I don't want to use Signal, because that's based in the US.
So then there aren't much known options anymore.
What do you all use?
What should I let my friends use, who don't want to use threema?

Unfortunately there are so much people that don't want to pay for the best alternative... :(
But well, I guess they will then have as only option to send me a message sending an SMS, which is the worst option of all.
I'm not going to use signal or telegram, because I don't trust them. Signal is popular, but it's based in the US, so that's a no-go... :(

@theprivacyfoundation Unfortunately there aren't much people who move away from Facebook...
I haven't been able to get anyone using the fediverse yet...
So myself I'm also still stuck with Facebook, because I don't want to miss all that nice stuff.. :(
I'll try tomorrow another time to tell people what's bad about facebook and good about stuff like Mastodon, though.
(I guess everyone will just skip it :( ... )

@Tutanota why do you recommend SpiderOak while you say they're based in the US?

I support internet privacy because I believe that the only data that should ever travel the internet is the data that you actively send yourself. and that stuff like cookies are just harmful and so are big chunks of metadata.

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